Recycling plastic bottles

Today I was reading a blog about recycling plastic bottles which inspired me to write this here is a linkfor my inspiration  if you want to go there

Anyway cut the top off a fabric conditioner bottle the ones that has a wavy design is my favourably one to work with as it looks good as picture shows

Some of the bottles are semi clear and orchids love this as they need light to there roots

The cut off pot can also be used for>

*paint brushes wet or dry

*kitchen utensils

*used teabags

*A vase

*hanging plant (just make holes with a heated up screw driver and tie with string)

*A scoop for chicken feed or dog food       The possibility with a empty bottle  are endless  but this is how I use them      I Do not have to buy a pot for my  plot    or cutting  Happy recycling

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Hello w

Welcome to My Magical Musings  Hello my name  is Tracey I am a Mother of 3 girls and a  Nutty Nan to 8     Home is  A Semi detached house on a suburban estate in  Milton Keynes with the concrete cows and roundabouts    I was  born in the sixties   in  Burton on Trent   a Brewery town in the midlands . I am the youngest of 4 girls and I was and still am “The Naughty one “

My Parents owned a pet shop and had a garage that was sited by the river Trent I had  my very own island to play on and allsorts of weird and wonderful Animals to play with   Looking back  I had a great childhood it had its moments of sadness  but its best we don’t go into that ………

My grandmother was a hedge witch and so was her mother She had a very large house only  26 house away from where I live , so I was there a lot. I could get lost in any of the 14 bedrooms.  It was magic there,  outside there  was bluebell woods   which lead into a  walled Kitchen garden where Nan grew her   Victoria  Rhubarb, herbs  and vegetables   it was where she  would escape the world she would sit on a stool  drinking  her sherry smoking her woodbinde  next to a fire pit  whilst telling me stories of her life it  was the best place to be  such  magical times ……..

I think its why   I became who I am…….   Craft crazy, Home loving ,Allotment keeping, Moon-watching, wine drinking, Animal loving, Recycling & upcycling junky who is .Queen of the Carboot sales /Charity shops

I am Thrifty & Fugal at all times   Goddess of the Kitchen (hedge Witch), Home and Bedroom ( but I wont be blogging about this LOL)

I am a practicing  Pagan and  I feel that I  live a magical life even though my journey can be difficult  as I suffer with ill-health I don’t like to talk about it loads but its part of who I am So here we go……… I have Dystonia  ( I shake like a nodding dog in the back of a car LOL ) it’s a form of Parkinson’s disease  and it affects my neck, spine, balance (vertigo)  and hands it is really painful and difficult to live with  I also have M.E, Diverticulitis IBS and my  and spine is crumbling  which is a side effects from Dystoia   and as if that’s not enough for me to deal with I live with vertigo which is also a side effect of the dystonia    I have good days and bad days but I   Bloom where I am planted !!!

I love saying  and Quotes  my Dad would say  them to me all the time like” If you cannot hear you will feel” and “A Fool and his money are quickly parted”   but Bloom where you are planted is my favourite of them  all. It has helped me get to where I am today and given me a positive attitude on life I think


I have a fascination for fairy’s, dragonfly’s butterflys birds etc this started by the river as a small child pretending the dragonfly’s was fairies and they was my friends


MY WINGS AND THINGS has came about because of this fascination of the iridescent wings flying on a summers day I am captivated by anything that shines and I am like a magpie for collecting things

I love  painting (mainly thing with wings)  and find this the best therapy when I am down  I get lost in creating and drift off into fairyland life is ok there….. I can be at Peace in my sacred space

A Journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step and    My Magical Musings is a the beginning of a journey for me This is my space to muse over my life   I hope you will follow me on this journey  Blessings Tracey xxx


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