Recycling plastic bottles

Today I was reading a blog about recycling plastic bottles which inspired me to write this here is a linkfor my inspiration  if you want to go there

Anyway cut the top off a fabric conditioner bottle the ones that has a wavy design is my favourably one to work with as it looks good as picture shows

Some of the bottles are semi clear and orchids love this as they need light to there roots

The cut off pot can also be used for>

*paint brushes wet or dry

*kitchen utensils

*used teabags

*A vase

*hanging plant (just make holes with a heated up screw driver and tie with string)

*A scoop for chicken feed or dog food       The possibility with a empty bottle  are endless  but this is how I use them      I Do not have to buy a pot for my  plot    or cutting  Happy recycling


About mywingsandthings

I am a Dreamer hence my Name !!! But mainly i am a Wine drinking, Allotment keeping ,Moon watching Hedge foraging ,Fire watching . Kitchen Goddess, Who loves her Food , Grand children , Home (scared space) and being creative with all aspects of life
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